Top eV charging stations manufacturer in China

AMPPAL is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems in global market. Headquartered in China, AMPPAL provides chargers and service in the North American and EU markets with our we Industry-leading DC and AC charging systems.

Our EV charging systems are perfect for private, commercial, workplace and highway locations to use. Our chargers are commonly used for passenger electric vehicles. But for medium or heavy duty EV like school buses, shuttle and transit buses also Class 8 trucks, we can design and manufacture the system as well.

Both Commercial and Residential EV Charging Stations

AMPPAL is leading the charge in promoting electric vehicle use worldwide by installing and managing EV charging stations globally. We offer AC and DC charging stations for commercial use and home use. 

Worry-free quality

The full range of photovoltaic power distribution products supports 3-year quality assurance and provides technical guidance services throughout the year. When necessary, we will arrange a technical team to go to the project site for installation and maintenance.

The electric vehicle charging station series products support 2 years of quality assurance, lifetime maintenance of components, and provide technical guidance services throughout the year. When necessary, we will arrange a technical team to go to the project site for installation and maintenance.

Amppal provides the world with a reliable new energy power development system in China. We can assist our customers and friends to design and find the required power equipment and provide excellent power distribution products produced by themselves.

EV Charging Stations Manufacturing Process

Our commitment is evidenced through top-tier equipment and an expansive network of public EV charging stations. As we evolve, we’re focused on enhancing the charging framework to cater to the increasing demands of EV users. AMPPAL stands out with its cutting-edge product range, leading the industry not just in technology but also in enthusiasm and innovation.

Our Advantage

From our inception, we’ve done more than just power cars; we’ve sparked a wave of imagination. Over a decade later, our sole dedication lies in establishing an extensive EV infrastructure, making charging stations widely available.

Research and development system

There are more than 30 high-tech talents including doctors, masters, professor-level senior engineers and senior engineers, focusing on the research and development of new energy infrastructure products, and providing you with the best new energy solutions.

Manufacturing system

The industry-leading manufacturing system has an independent production area, and adopts international advanced and domestic mature first-class equipment to ensure product quality.

Marketing system

High-quality marketing personnel at home and abroad and a global service network provide you with timely and thoughtful purchase information and the best purchase configuration combination.

Engineering system

A professional system solution provider, providing you with high-quality project design, engineering design, process design, system integration and other high-quality projects.

Customer service system

Professional after-sales service team, quick response, to provide you with high-quality tracking and equipment services, user training services and installation.

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